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We knew Craig Gilbert to be an outstanding leader, but even more, he was a humble disciple who enjoyed helping others find ways to provide meaningful worship to their congregations – and we went to him for help—Nancy with Sunset UMC

Welcome to The Worship Doctor web site. This site is dedicated to working toward worship renewal in congregational settings using leader oriented problem solving and congregation oriented education, training, and encouragement.

You go to the doctor when you have obvious symptoms or you just know something is not quite right. The doctor asks the necessary questions to assess your concerns, diagnose the problem and either prescribes a solution and/or works with you to develop a treatment program. The Worship Doctor Renewal ministry is much like that process.

We begin with a vision for worship that is different from what you may normally experience. This vision is continually explored and developed through a regular blog. Just like when you are looking for physical help, you may want to know more about the doctor, you know, what is his specialty? You might also want to know what services are offered. Of course, every doctor has a procedure for scheduling a visit. This doctor also share’s free advice, regular updates, and even occasional pictures of events that can benefit everyone.

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