About Dr. Craig Gilbert

Craig Gilbert is a life-long Christian and musician. He first sang in church at the age of 4 with his family and has been playing music in church ever since. He also benefits from a prolific career singing and playing outside of the church in classical music ensembles and choirs as well as singing, arranging, and playing multiple instruments in bands of a variety of styles. Craig is passionate about bringing the arts before God in worship in a way that allows congregations to not only participate, but to also engage with God in worship through the arts. Craig is not a musician who happens to play in church but a true worship pastor who uses the arts to reach others for Christ.

Dr. Gilbert is an expert in worship design and in leading worship in multi style churches of all sizes. He specializes in teaching congregations about worship and training leaders how to design and lead worship that is congregation friendly. After serving in worship and arts leadership in five churches of different congregational sizes with over seven different senior pastors, eight associate pastors (including a time as an assistant pastor himself), various worship styles and formats, time constraints, etc. Dr. Gilbert is well versed in the problems and issues with worship in today’s church.

His professional training includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education, a Master’s Degree in Conducting, and a Doctorate in Worship Studies. He has provided professional consulting services in music team development, worship design, and congregational participation for several churches and conferences.

Other leadership and professional experience includes:

  • Featured lecturer and teacher for Worship Leader magazine at its National Worship Leaders conferences around the country since 2012.
  • Featured webinar presenter for Worship Leader magazine on congregational worship participation.
  • Worship Consultant for the Texas Annual Conference, the second largest United Methodist Conference in the country.
  • Chairman of the Passionate Worship renewal committee for the Texas Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church, one of the largest Annual Conferences in the country. He oversees worship renewal projects that affect local churches as well as the entire conference.
  • Board Member and contributing teacher for the Texas Conference Choir Clinic.
  • Featured writer for Worship Sound and Song magazine awarded with two cover stories and multiple featured articles as well as serving as the editor for the worship leader profile page.
  • Contributing writer to several websites on worship subjects.